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Donna's Blog Jan 25 Comedy and Tragedy Platter

I've told you about our platters before. Here is another one that even has matching square plates.  Your guests will be impressed when you serve up a tasty feast on this rectangular glazed ceramic platter. It features masks and beads on a purple, green and gold striped background. It is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Donna's Blog Jan 23 Mardi Gras Cake Server

If you are planning a Mardi Gras party you will of course be serving a King cake. I hope you have already purchased one of our beautiful platters to serve it on. To top things off you need an appropriate cake server. This one has a  gold Fleur de Lis with purple crystals on top of a green enameled handle. The server measures 10" x 2".

Donna's Blog Jan 21, Gold Crown with Purple Velvet

This could be your crowning glory if you were chosen to be a King or Queen of Carnival. In modern times each krewe selectsa king or queen based on community service. Originally, in the Fifth Century a king and queen were chosen to preside over the festivities by chance.  A cake was baked with a bean and pea inside.When the cake was cut the man who got the piece with the bean was designated King for the night. The woman who got the pea was designated Queen.
The "King Cake" was originally to honor the Three Kings who came to do homage to the Christ child.  In modern times a figurine of the baby Jesus is baked inside a King Cake.
This crown is gold metal with satin and velvet fabric. It features jeweled detail accents with gold raised designs. Although this is a smaller replica of a crown worn by the King  or Queen of Carnival, you can enjoy the fantasy of being King or Queen for a day. From the Jacqueline Kent Collection
Measures 5.5" height by 6" in diameter.

Donna's Blog Jan 19 Jester Doll

This Jester doll is 22" in length. It features velvet fabric, harlequin design, beads, sequins and bells. The arms and legs are movable so you can position it any way you want. We have a variety of Jester dolls in the store to make you smile. They are as small as 8" and as large as 30".

How did the Jester become part of Mardi Gras? In the Fifth Century French and English churches created a celebration on the day before Ash Wednesday called the "Feast of Fools."