The Perfect Gift book

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Farlee's efforts to make his mom the perfect gift with his little mouse friend, Cornelius, turn out to be less than "perfect". They both learn that on Christmas day and every day, it's the thought that matters most! Special...

Haddie Cat Plush

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Haddie is one of the main characters in the Farlee and Friends series. She is introduced in book two, "The Grand Cheese Giveaway". Haddie is in training to be an Everyday Princess with her mouse mentor, Princess Dottie. 100%...

Farlee's Jacket & Boots

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Farlee's puffy jacket helps to keep him warm while he plays outside in the snow. Don't forget to put Farlee's mouse friend, Cornelius, into the front pocket. This adorable jacket and boot set is fully lined and has hand-stitched...

Cornelius Mouse Plush

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Cornelius, from Farlee & Friends, is a very proper little fellow who enjoys the finer things in life. Please provide him with tea & snacks, and read to him often. This adorable set includes: a bean-weighted plush mouse, a...

Farlee Plush

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Hi, I’m Farlee! Will you be my friend? Farlee, from Farlee & Friends, is a lovable, huggable, and undeniably soft friend. Farlee is an Airedale terrier puppy. 100% polyester plush velour. |Farlee