Norwex Car Vent Clips, set of 2

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 Our ceramic Car Vent Clips, paired with Norwex Essential Oils, are free of the synthetic chemicals found in most car freshener sprays and cardboard fragrance discs. Just 1 or 2 drops of Essential Oil on the back of the disc are all you will need to restore freshness to your car’s interior, naturally.

Ceramic is a great diffuser for essential oils, the perfect way to lightly scent the air in your home, car, travel trailer—anywhere.
All-natural ceramic disc and clips quickly absorb the fragrance of your choice and gradually release the scent in the air.
Both products provide a light, fresh scent
A great alternative to aerosols, sprays and cardboard fragrance discs
Compact Fragrance Disc takes up virtually no room—perfect for dorms, apartments, closets, bathrooms and other small spaces
The Fragrance Disc is an elegant accent piece that complements every décor.
Easily portable in suitcases or overnight bags
Requires no heat or electricity
No water or set-up required, like with some essential oil diffusers
No plastic parts that could warp or break down via contact with essential oils
Ceramic disc is easier to use, more durable and sustainable than felt pads, which must be inserted into an expensive diffuser or placed on top of a light bulb in a lamp.
Makes a great gift
Car Vent Clips attach easily to your automobile’s air vents.
No more hanging cardboard to obstruct your vision while driving.
Pack of two Car Vent Clips is perfect for two-car households.


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