Black Silky Wired Ribbon With Embellished Gold Mask

Regular price $ 73.00
 Wow! This ravishing ribbon, unparalleled in splendor, is fit for any king or queen of the castle. Resplendent in embellishments of beads, sequins, thread and lame` fabric, all of burnished gold, sewn onto jet black faux raw silk ribbon...

Black Velvet w/ Gold Fleur De Lis Reversible Ribbon

Regular price $ 16.99
Lovely and lush black velvet ribbon is the background for gleaming gold glitter fleurs de lis, attractively framed in a diamond pattern by parallel lines in matching glitter. On the reverse side is solid gold lame`, the ultimate finishing...

Bronze Glitter Mesh Ribbon

Regular price $ 10.99
Want to add some glitz and sparkle to your home, party, or gifts but unsure of what to go with? Problem solved with this dazzling, glittery open weave bronze ribbon that shimmers with every color in the rainbow!At 2.5"...

Butterfly Ribbon Dark Teal with Gold Sequin

Regular price $ 20.99
India, China, Japan... Just one touch of this ribbon will bring to mind the absolute luxuriousness of silk with origins of the Far East. Delicately embroidered burnished gold butterflies, leaves and vines, adorned in gold sequins, flutter across shimmering, intensely...

Butterfly Ribbon Embroidered And Jeweled

Regular price $ 42.99
May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sunAnd find your shoulder to light on,To bring you luck, happiness and richesToday, tomorrow and beyond.-Irish BlessingBeautiful, delicate, extraordinary; such is the butterfly. Bring all of these elements into your home with...