Bath & Body

Bamboo Container

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Eco friendly 20oz Bamboo container with removable liner.Beautiful sleek design that will match the decor of any bathroom.Keeps your salts free from moisture.Measures 3.5" height X 5" diameter|

Bamboo Scoop for Salts

Regular price $ 6.99
Bamboo Scoop for Bath Salts & Sugar Scrubs-4" X 1.5"|

Boys Don't Stink Soap Bar

Regular price $ 12.95
Don’t be a pig! This bar will give you extra savage exfoliating Shea Butter and Oatmeal soap will keep them smelling more like a human and less like a wildebeest. Sodium palmate, Sodium cocoate and/or Sodium Palm Kernelate, Water(Aqua),...

Clam Shell Soap w/ Embedded Sea Sponge, Agean Sea

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 Our clam shell soap with a natural sea sponge embedded into is as beautiful as it is functional. A full 5 oz.+ bar with the added sponge makes washing easy! The soap fits nicely in the palm of your...

Indigo Cool Mint Shower Steamer

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Our shower steamers are the bomb! Our aromatherapy, all natural shower steamers create a spa experience in your shower. Each package contains 6 tablets, that can be used 1-2 times. To Use: Unwrap 1 tablet and place on flat...