Amy Labbe Mardi Gras Necklace-Anchor & Mermaid Pendant

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This ball chain necklace has an assortment of unique pieces hung together off a mermaid glass pendant; a topaz crystal, a green semi-precious stone teardrop, a large rhinestone encrusted anchor, a small silver 3D charm, 2 small balls covered in crystals...

Anchor's Away Mermaid Necklace

Regular price $ 145.00
Seaside shimmer!The glistening "Anchor's Away Mermaid Magnetic Enhancer" features a magical mermaid with long blonde hair and a pale purple tail who gracefully swims by.A hand-enameled life-saver and an anchor embellished with golden yellow cr

Four Season's Mermaid Necklace

Regular price $ 145.00
Buried treasure!The dazzling "4 Season's Mermaid Dolphin Cross Magnetic Enhancer" features a glorious openwork cross that is outlined with shimmering clear crystals that twinkle in the light.Nestled within the cross is a magical mermaid who gr

Kirk's Folly Whisper Bottle

Regular price $ 94.00
A sprinkling of blue glitter and another clever mermaid appear inside the bottle, which is topped by a glittered cork and beachy charms. This whimsical necklace is hung from a generous 30" jet black colored cord with a small wishing...

Mermaid Ariel Pendant Necklace

Regular price $ 18.00
Lead Free Pewter Enameled Crystals 28" to 30" black cord W: 1.240" X L: 1.924"| 2729