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Auburn Tigers: Daily Devotions for Die-Hard Kids

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DAILY DEVOTIONS FOR DIE-HARD KIDS: AUBURN TIGERS combines the excitement you feel when reading about the Tigers with the fun of learning more about Jesus and your faith. You’ll read stories like these:

* Legend has it Auburn once had a player so blind that he played by sound.

* An Auburn player got into a fight at practice -- with one of the coaches.

* During a game, Auburn and Georgia got together and prayed for an injured player.

* Auburn’s greatest tennis coach ever couldn’t find the town when he was looking for a job.

* One Auburn coach wouldn’t let his players use soap and hot water with their showers.

You’ll read about a bunch of Auburn people like Cam Newton and Bo Jackson. Their stories and tales of some great games and big wins are told with a twist: They all teach you about God’s story, too.



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