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Alabama Crimson Tide: Daily Devotions for Die-Hard Kids

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Daily Devotions for Die-Hard Kids: Alabama Crimson Tide< combines the excitement you feel when reading about the Crimson Tide with the fun of learning more about Jesus and your faith. You’ll read stories like these:

* In one Alabama basketball game, the subs refused to go in.

* Alabama landed one of its greatest players because of a flat tire.

* Quarterback Jay Barker was once grateful that he was benched.

* No matter how hard he tried, Don McNeal couldn’t kill Kate.

* One time, fans ran onto the field and hit Tide players with umbrellas and walking canes.

You’ll read about a lot of Alabama people like Nick Saban and Bear Bryant. Their stories and tales of some great games and big wins are told with a twist: They all teach you about God’s story, too.



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